Here a voltage divider circuit is used to pick the sound signal to voltage resistor R1 and Mic. Capacitor C3 is used to filter the DC components and only the AC components reaches the transistor. The Transistor Q1 (BC 547/BC 548) invert the state and feed to the 555 Monostable Multivibrator. Capacitor C4 and Resistor R4 wave shape the voltage into edge trigger and when a sound normal than the threshold will trigger Monostable multivibrator.

                                   T = 0.69 RC

We get a clock cycle of T1 time period, which toggle the D flip flop convert as toggle flip flop. The output of the flip flop is connected to LED and a relay via a Transistor Q2 (BC547/BC548). Here we use open collector Relay. It will directly controls the Electronics equipment.

 Kit Include:

1. NE 555 Timer IC.

2. HEF 4013 D flip flop IC.

3. Capacitor Mic.

4. Transistor BC547 / BC548.

5. Resistors 33k, 1k, 10k, 100k.

6. Capacitors 0.1uf, 10uf.

7. LED

8. Relay.

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Clap Switch Circuit DIY Kits (Not Soldered)

Clap Switch Circuit DIY Kits (Not Soldered)

It is a simple Mini project circuit. We can control the Turn ON/Turn OFF of any electrical components by Clap switch circuit. It is also called as sound activated switch.

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