These high qualities 12V DC Relay modules use low power SMD components, allowing for easy switching of higher voltages and are ideal for use with a 12v Power supply.
Please remember most microcontroller such as a PIC, Arduino, ARM or AVR are 3.3v or 5v and therefore a separate 12v power supply will be required to power these relay modules, with the logic control coming from the microcontroller.

The relays used in these modules can be used to switch up to 10A at 250V AC, or up to 10A at 30V DC.

If the input voltage is low, the relay's NO (Normally Open) contact is connected to the relay's COM (common) contact. If the input voltage is high, the relay's NC (Normally Closed) contact is connected to the relay's COM (common) contact.

Vcc = 12V
GND = 0V
IN = Low to engergise Relay

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12V DC Relay Module

12V DC Relay Module

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